More Heather Clark archive photographs  





 Ockleston Memorial, c1900s

     Hall Street, c1900s


 High Street, 1950s
   Lime Grove, 1910


 Cheadle Green, c1900s


 Cheadle High Street, 1960
   Bruntwood Park, 1960s
   Wilmslow Road, 1960
   Woolworth's, 1972


 Abney Hall, 1960

 Cheadle Post Office and   Wilmslow Road, 1960



 Esso garage, Wilmslow Road, 1972
   Cheadle Primary School football club, 1951/2


 Cheadle Primary School pupils with teacher Miss Dawes, 1936


 Preparations for the building of the M63 (now M60), 1972