Halloween 2016

(Civic Society helping to provide children's entertainment on Cheadle Green)


On Saturday, October 28th, the Cheadle Civic Society part-sponsored the Halloween themed "Day of the Dead Fest", a city-wide event for all members of the family.

The festival began on Cheadle Green in the late morning with music, a film show, food stalls and plenty of other entertainment and activities mainly aimed at young children, before continuing, via a bus-pull up Manchester Road of a vintage double-decker Belle Vue bus to the Woodstock Arms in Didsbury, where it continued until late into the evening.

Despite overcast weather throughout the day, several hundred Cheadle residents, of all ages, turned up on Cheadle Green. Money was also raised for the Manchester charity, Barnabus, which helps the city's homeless.

Below are a selection of photographs from Cheadle Green and the bus-pull