Picnic in the Park


                                                                        Picnic in the Park, Abney Hall Park, Sunday 21st July, 2019


The 2019 Picnic in the Park event took place on a lovely sunny afternoon on Sunday 21st July on the grounds around Abney Hall.

The annual event has rapidly become one of the most popular on the Cheadle calendar and this year it was attended by literally thousands of local people who enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of activities, entertainments, dancing, music and plenty of food and drink in one of Cheadle's most colourful settings.

The event was organised by Civic Society committee member Natalie Kaciubskyj (right) who has put a huge amount of time, energy and creativity into creating a number of family-friendly events in the centre of Cheadle over the past few years and the Civic Society is happy to support her as much as it can.