Cinema on the Green


 Hollywood comes to Cheadle Green

On Sunday, August 25th, 2019, the first ever Cinema on the Green took place on Cheadle Green with a huge number of local people attending on a very warm, sultry summer's evening.

The event was organised by Cheadle Get Connected, with the full support and backing of the Civic Society and the main feature was the all-singing, all-dancing 2017 feature film The Greatest Showman, which tells the story of the 19th Century American entertainer, P T Barnum.


      Below is a photo-story of the event


A giant outdoor screen and speakers were installed at the back of the green in advance of the event



With large numbers of people expected to attend the evening performance, many people started arriving from the middle of the afternoon onwards



More than two hours before the film began, there were already hundreds of local people on the green enjoying the occasion and waiting in anticipation



The event was purposely made to be family-friendly and as a result it attracted local people of all ages



Entry to the film show was set at a token charge of just £1 per head to help pay for the substantial costs of hiring the screen, insurance, electricity, plus specialist staff, etc.



There was even a VIP section created immediately in front of the big screen with people pre-paying for their own comfortable seats and outstanding view



Several voluntary marshals ensured the event was completely safe and secure



Just like any regular cinema, there was plenty of popcorn available, as well as other treats



A mobile bar was also in attendance, offering a range of drinks



By early evening, it was estimated there was well in excess of 1000 people on Cheadle Green



As dusk arrived, those in the VIP section were all prepared for their grandstand view of the film



The food stalls remained open late into the evening and throughout the film show



By the time it got dark and the film began, Cheadle Green was completely packed



The huge screen ensured many people had an excellent view and the popular opinion amongst the majority who attended was that it was a very enjoyable community event, which was very well organised



Even Scotch Bob seemed to approve!