Despite all the current problems and restrictions, the Civic Society remains highly active in trying to look after the best interests of Cheadle.

Towns Fund
One of our main current projects is that we are closely supporting the work of the Cheadle Village Partnership in trying to secure government funding of up to £25 million to be used over the next few years on a range of infrastructure and related projects throughout Cheadle, which could have major long-term benefits for everyone.

At a recent (virtual) meeting attended by numerous local leaders, councillors, as well as officials from Stockport Council and elsewhere, the Society was informed that the funding application is progressing well through all the necessary channels and should be submitted to central government in the next few months and they will then decide whether the funding in full will be made available, or modified accordingly.

If it is successful, it should result in such major improvements as a basic new railway station being opened close to Cheadle Green, with trains on the Stockport to Altrincham line again stopping in Cheadle, although the existing timetable may have to be amended slightly.

In addition, there will be new electronic notice boards placed outside the BT building which will provide a huge variety of useful, regularly updated community information, which could include everything from live public transport information and community notices, to live video footage and revealing pictures of Cheadle as it used to be.

Another element of the funding will relate to the "re-purposing" of High Street and the surrounding roads away from primarily being retail shops, into buildings which could also include more residential accommodation, as well as new "green" offices and micro-businesses all working tougher. In particular, this could involve the greater use of renewable technologies and more collaboration between different types of businesses. The final element of the funding will be allocated to improving footpaths and cycle ways throughout Cheadle to ensure better access and this will include more "parklets" in the centre. These are effectively tiny green spaces, but which could accommodate more parked bicycles.

Once there is more definitive information about whether the funding bid has been successful (or whatever the response will be), the Society will be happy to keep everyone informed. Similarly, the committee is very keen to ensure that whatever level of funding is granted by central government, it is used only for the benefit of Cheadle, not for neighbouring or outlying areas.


Unfortunately, it appears increasingly likely there will not be an AGM again this year. Our main priority is to make sure every member remains safe and healthy and until we get notification that public meetings can resume, we will not be in a position to have an AGM. However, members, and any other local person, who has a particular concern about any aspect of life in Cheadle at present, is always welcome to contact any member of the committee, whose details are listed above.


Similarly, while there has been a temporary pause on community events in Cheadle, it is hoped that once the government lift or amend the current restrictions, the Society will be actively collaborating with various parties and other local bodies to ensure there will be an excellent variety of family events for everyone again in the community.

Flower displays

The Society had again paid for a new flower display which will be installed at strategic points in the centre over the next few weeks. We have always been thrilled by the very positive remarks we have received about the displays in the past and hope they will be appreciated again by everyone this year.

Together Trust recording Cheadle history

Most people in the area will be aware of the wonderful work the Together Trust charity has done for many years in helping to provide a better life for youngsters, in particular, who have faced additional difficulties and challenges in their lives. Last year, they were awarded a significant grant to help celebrate their history as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, they weren’t able to fulfil all the plans they had prepared. As such, they have recently put in place a new programme where they are trying to create a personal historical record of the lives of local people who may have been involved with the Trust in the past. To move the project forward, they are now looking for local volunteers who would be willing to undertake interviews with local people and help out with other useful archive work. If anyone is interested in this excellent local community initiative, please contact Rebecca Fnley at the Together Trust: rebecca.finley@togethertrust.org.uk

Cheadle Archive photos

For anyone with time on the hands and wants to reminisce about Cheadle past, we are happy to say we have recently added more archive photographs to our special Cheadle history photographic web site and invite you to take a look. www.cheadlephotos.net