2019/2020 Committee members



The members of the committee of the Cheadle Civic Society for 2020/2021 are:

Phillip Gould-Bourn (Chairman / Hon. Treasurer / Membership secretary):  0161-428-0199 

Andrew Frazer (Vice-chairman and newsletter editor): 0161-611-0280

Natalie Kaciubskyj (Hon.Secretary)

Damien Lynch (Membership co-ordinator): 0161-428-5994  

Geoff Thompson: 0161-485-8069

Dr Rob Munro: 0161-428-3440

Norman Redhead: 0161-486-6541

Amanda Mattison: 0161-283-2566

Helen Tyler: 0161-917-5326 

Christine Atkins:

Bridie Meehan: